Welcome to Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

The Shimla Urban Co - Operative Bank Limited

Head Office: 0177-2652593

Branch Office: 0177-2805489


The bank has different type of deposits such as :-
  1. Savings Bank account.
  2. F.D.R General
  3. Vijay Lakshmi Reinvestment Scheme
  4. Dhan Varsha Monthly Income Scheme
  5. Recurring Deposits
  6. Current account deposits
  7. Mini Deposit Scheme (To Collect deposits daily from home through banks authorized agents)
  8. Savings Bank Account :- Saving bank account can be opened by any person and and transaction i.e withdrawal and deposits may be made during bank hours. The interest in this account will be calculated on daily products payable half yearly. The minimum balance in the account is required to be maintained Rs.500/- and Rs. 1000/- if cheque book facility is availed however no frill account is allowed to certain categories. KYC norms are mandatory for any kind of opening Bank Accounts.
  9. FDR General:- The bank pays interest as applicable from time to time and paid quarterly at simple rate under this F.D scheme.
  10. Vijay Lakshmi Re-investment Scheme:- Under this scheme quarterly compound interest is paid on the deposit of the depositor. The deposits under this scheme have to be invested at least for one year otherwise compounding interest will not be allowed.
  11. Dhan Varsha Scheme :- Monthly interest is paid on the deposits of this scheme as applicable from time to time, the deposits under this scheme shall have to be invested for one year at least.
  12. Recurring Deposits :- under this scheme customers have to deposit a fixed amount monthly not less than a period of one year regularly on which FDR rate of interest will be paid as applicable from time to time.
  13. Current Account:- A deposit Scheme in which a customer can deposit his surplus and can withdraw during bank hours many a times frequently but interest on the deposit is not allowed.
  14. Mini Deposit Account:- This account is deposited through bank’s authorized person who will collect the deposit from door to door with an fixed amount per day and the interest is paid as per rate applicable from time to time on monthly products.
  15. Silient Features:
    • Fully Computerized Branch
    • Attractive Rates of Interest on Deposits with Insurance coverage upto Rs. 1,00,000/-
    • We issue Demand Drafts on all major centres in India with tie up arrangements with HDFC Bank and IDBI Bank
    • RTGS/NEFT facility available
    • Direct Clearing Facilities
Rate of Interest on Deposits:-
Sr.No Type of Deposits Periodicity General Sr. Citizen
1 F.D.R 7 days to 14 days 5.00 5.00
2   15 days to 29 days 5.00 5.00
3   30 days to 45 days 6.00 6.00
4   46 days to 60 days 6.75 6.75
5   61 days to 90 days 7.00 7.00
6   91 days to 170 days 7.75 8.00
7   180 days to less than 1 Year 8.50 8.75
8   1 year to less than 18 months 9.00 9.50
9   18 Months to less than 2 year 9.00 9.50
10   2 year to less than 3 year 9.00 9.50
11   3 year to less than 5 year 8.75 9.25
12   5 year and above 8.75 9.25
13 Saving Bank Account   4.00 4.00
14 R.D As per FDR Rate    

Note: Rate of Interest as applicable time to time.

Special Feature:- All deposits are secured under the cover of DICGC scheme as applicable to all banks.